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P4Media Origin

The name P4Media is derived from four different areas of our life beginning with our surname, Pomeroy and the three avenues of our professional experience, namely Programming, Publishing and Photography.

P4Media was formed from a desire to consolidate that individual professional experience, and as a direct result of this process, form a content and flexible working practice, where creative passion coupled with the highest standards of customer service are our foremost consideration.

Our Vision

P4Media’s sole aim is to respond to the highest levels of customer expectation and instill genuine satisfaction with the results of all projects undertaken. We achieve this aim by focusing on the desires and needs of individual clients. Following the agreement of an initial concept and proposal, we concentrate on ensuring time, flexibility, patience and attention to detail are maintained throughout the full course of the project. This remains as important in any potential ongoing relationship.

What we are therefore saying is we will exceed your expectations, irrespective of the extra mile we may need to travel to do so. Achieving such expectations requires an understanding of our client, adopting the right focus for the project and then quite simply, practicing what we know best, sheer hard work.


The programming side of P4Media will encompass many aspects of software and application development, from stand alone applications to web-based sites, gadgets and tools, all of which will complement our holistic media and publishing vision.

However, at this stage we are currently focussing on establishing the other aspects of P4Media and so will not be offering software development or programming services over the next few months.


We have many years experience publishing a wide variety of media for a diverse set of clientele, including magazines, leaflets, brochures and marketing material, as well as corporate identities, logos and anything else that resides in your broad-minded desires and approach. If you need to design it or produce it, whatever the reason, we offer it.

One of our current specialist products is a book, born from our highly successful work with schools and their fund-raising teams, where various materials, such as artwork, recipes, hints and tips from parents and curriculum event information is included to make this publication a unique snapshot of life at the school throughout a year. We carry out the project from concept to delivery of the final product, including proposals for layout, photographic sessions of pupils in a natural learning context, graphic design and publishing.


Our specialty is natural photography for all occasions. Our only prerequisite is the subject is in an environment where they are happiest, for example children in their back garden, at their favourite park, castle grounds or even the beach.

We offer personal, children and/or family portraiture, corporate and private murals that can be enlarged to any size to suit the respective environment. See our photo gallery for examples.

We offer personal photographic friezes (i.e., your new nursery or playroom with photos of your own family or environment brought into your home), weddings, parties or functions and occasions of all varieties in homes, schools, clubs and businesses.

Pomeroy Name Origin

The Pomeroy name is most closely associated with the family of de la Pomerai, adventurers who came to England during the imposition of Norman rule under William the Conqueror and who were rewarded with more than fifty manors in the English West Country. The seat of the family was Berry Pomeroy castle, near Totnes, now under the care of English Heritage.

English (of Norman origin; associated mainly with Devon and Dorset): habitational name from any of the various places in north eastern France named with Old French pommeroie, pommeraie ‘apple orchard’ (collective of pomme ‘apple’).
French Pomme-roi, a kind of apple, the royal apple, king's apple, or king of apples; a name probably given to a gardener for his skill in raising them, or a name of place where such apples were raised.

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